Joe Kennedy


Currently · Head of Design


CoinList finds and launches the best new tokens before they list on other exchanges.

October 2019 · Co-Founder, Designer

Apex App Inc.

Exploring ways to bring people closer through consumer social apps.

June 2018 · Product Design ·


Product Designer on Instagram Stories Creation.

January 2018 · Product Design


Maintaining meaningful relationships can be a lot of work. Reaching out through text or other messaging platforms is intimidating, cumbersome, and interpretation is often ambiguous. Hang is a social application that enables social relationships through face-to-face interactions. By quickly setting a status and length of time available, people are able to let their nearby friends know what they are up to. Friends can initiate a hang, which enables that group’s participants to see each other on a map and find a convenient place to meet up through the chat. People utilizing Hang are able to add their friends through a unique friend code, which can only be acquired directly from that individual. This enables people to focus on who they actually see day to day, instead of trying to maintain a traditional social media presence for a larger group of tertiary friends, relatives, or people. Hang aims to reduce screen time and increase people time, fostering meaningful relationships.

September 2017 · Product Design ·


Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft will bring far-reaching changes to our cities and our lives—quicker daily commutes, less traffic congestion, and cleaner air around the world. Uber Elevate has already started exploring the barriers we’ll need to overcome to make this a reality. Uber partnered with SCAD and tasked us with defining the end-to-end experience for Uber Elevate. We designed the interior experience of the SkyPort™, a modular terminal for Uber Elevate that provides a space for riders to briefly wait and easily find their way to and from their vehicle, as well as vehicle interiors with design limitations in mind. I was responsible for designing the Uber Elevate App user experience from request to landing.

June 2017 · Production Design ·


Production design on the Apple Media Products team. I redrew parts of the UI, specified them out into components, and sent them off to engineers for the App Store and Podcasts apps.

March 2017 · Product Design ·


Seedy educates our youth on the importance of agriculture by creating a friendship between the seed and the child who plants it.

January 2017 · UX Design ·


SCAD collaborated with Gulfstream Aerospace to assist in the research and development of a synoptic redesign project

August 2016 · Product Design, Co-Founder ·


Spotlight brought upcoming artists together in a community built around collaboration and trust. The mission was to bring independent artists into othe mainstream with a new network built just for sharing performances.

June 2016 · Product Design ·


Skillshare empowers you to teach your creative craft to the world while enabling you to learn from over 15,000 creative teachers worldwide. I had the privilege of interning as a product designer for Skillshare with a goal to establish the school for the internet. Here I helped launch the broadcast feature so video creators can communicate with their class.

June 2014 · Product Design, Co-Founder·


We wanted a way to efficiently manage my time while in High School, and no apps were doing us justice. So we created Tinker, an iOS app that allows you to easily create and complete duration based goals. Tinker peaked at #3 in Top Paid Productivity Apps and was featured under Best New Productivity Apps by Apple.